New comic!

Yeah, I might have watched a movie and gotten kind of mad.

This is seriously a trope I’d love to never see again though.

Ugh!  So sad, and yet so true.  

I started using audiotool last week, and discovered that I love it!  I haven’t really created sample for others to use, but I have put together some nice tracks.  This is my favorite one so far.

So - anyone else using audiotool?  


The famous “Hudson River Waterfall” beneath the twisted ruins of the George Washington Bridge.


The famous “Hudson River Waterfall” beneath the twisted ruins of the George Washington Bridge.

Here’s the QR code for this blog.   I used a Chrome extension, QR Creator, to make a scannable image that links here.  

Here’s the QR code for this blog.   I used a Chrome extension, QR Creator, to make a scannable image that links here.  

Dear Jennifer… Help! My Parents are Insane!!

Dear Jennifer,

Help!  My parents are always around me, telling me what to talk about, talking to my friends, and hanging out with me wherever I go.  I can’t even go to the bathroom without my Mom yelling up, asking me if I finally started my period.

When vampires first came out, I thought my parents were kinda cool, because they didn’t freak out like my friends’ parents.  But then they told me that they want to become vampires so that they can turn me into a vampire.  I don’t want to be twelve forever!! 

Please, Jennifer, help me!!!


Terrified of Twelve

Dear Terrified,

Sugar, I’m fixin’ to you that you don’t need to worry.  We vampires don’t turn kids into vampires because getting old while staying a child just messes with your head.  Generally speaking, we use local guidelines about adulthood as the minimum age limit.  So here, you need to be eighteen before anyone would change you over.

As for your parents, they sound like they need the help, not you, serious psychiatric help.  I suggest you speak with your school counselor or some other trusted adult about how to handle your parents’ behavior.  Or, if you want, I can come over and speak with them about the vampire part.  Cause, hon, no one will turn them in their current mental state.

Good luck, and let me know how things turn out.

Christy’s Musings: We’re Here!

Greetings, fellow humans!

No, I am not really that cheery, but I was told in no uncertain terms to make everyone feel welcome here.  Not that the “here” part of here matters since I am not actually in your computer and you are not in my computer monitor.  But I assume you understand anyway.

At least I hope you do.

I must admit, moving from one website to another was rather anti-climatic considering the trouble and headaches we endured this week.  I still sit at my computer and I still write things in my here that magically appear in your here.

Yes, yes, I hear you now.  ”But Christy, it’s not magic.  It’s science.”


I only care because I know of real magic, and the users of real magic would do more than shake their heads at me if I didn’t care.

Some idio… I mean a very nice young lady wrote a questions to Jennifer about vampire parents?  I try hard not to know what Jennifer is doing, but I know she will have a new post for you on Monday.  Gregory is beside himself in happiness; apparently someone liked his post on the origins of vampires so now he is scouring the legends for more stories.  Sarah, well, Sarah is just being Sarah, and I never question someone like her.

As for me, I received a question about fairies.  I will tell you more next Tuesday.

Until then, try not to die.

We’re moving? It’s rather complicated…

Due to the…um… unfortunate accident involving Gregory and Lulu, relations between the vampire community and the shapeshifters has grown rather tense?  Strained?

What rubbish!  The truth is those furballs want recompense for the “accident” even though Lulu…

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The Verity of Vampires, Part 2

Greetings!  Let us continue with the various stories about how vampire came to be.

The third story comes the story of Lucifer.  After Lucifer tricked Eve, God grew angry with Lucifer. A war among the angelic hordes broke out, and though Lucifer was a…

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Christy’s Musings: What’s in a Name?

Right, I have received several emails asking me about my name.  Many hint around the question; many think that they are hinting though I must tell you that subtly it becoming a lost art; still others ask me outright – “How can your name be ‘Christy’?…

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Dear Jennifer: Do Vampires Get Married?

Dear Jennifer,

I was talking to my friends, and we were wondering if vampires ever got married.

Teen Wonders

Dear Teen Wonders,

Simple answer:  Why yes, yes we do.

Complex answer: Because vampires live a much longer life than humans, we have a varying…

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